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"There's no place like Home!"  

Dorothy's exclaimation resonates with us all - because Home is where our heart is.  It's where we feel safe and warm.  It's where our memories and treasures reside.  And it's not a place we want to leave behind!


But what happens when it becomes necessary to do just that?  When our spouse passes away, or our children move on, or physical limitations and health issues develop.  What then?  It can be daunting and overwhelming to be faced with a major move later in life.


But there is hope!  Nan Meyers firmly believes that by providing the right professional support - encouragement, knowledge, and expertise - she can successfuly navigate this journey with you!  


So, whether your next step is an apartment, a condo, assisted living, or even a new build - the goal is to create an affordable environment in the new space that will feel like Home to you.


Services can be geared to any budget and may include:


  • Household inventory to determine what to keep, what to give away, and what to sell.

  • Coordinating removal of unwanted items.

  • Move management, including working directly with professional relocation experts.

  • Staging home for sale.

  • Space planning and creation of floor plans for the new space based on the inventory.  (This means finding just the right spot for Grandma's china cabinet, and knowing for sure that it will fit!)

  • Coordinating and providing finishes, fabrics, window treatments, furniture, etc. as needed for the new space - successfully integrating  the "old" with the "new".


There is no place like Home - and you will feel right at home in your new place with Meyers Interiors Senior Services!


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